Here Are 16 Excuses Girls Use To Reject Men But Can Never Tell You

So she gave you the whole story of it’s not you it’s my kind of thing and you are left wondering what on earth do you mean?

It almost feels like you have been hit by a truck in the middle of nowhere by the most peculiar excuse that your crush made to not even look at you. This is because she did make it up and most likely its because she didn’t want to reject you for no good reason or didn’t want to hurt your feelings.

However, it can be very pathetic for someone you once liked to reject you in such a childish way, I mean you gave her your all and now she used any of the following odd excuses to let go of you. What a shame.

1. It’s not you it’s me.

2. I already have a boyfriend but you’ve never ever heard of him

3. I am a lesbian although all her previous exes were guys.

4. I am a workaholic, I won’t have time for you.

Image: Giphy

5. You’re too nice and I don’t deserve you. Like WTF?

6. I’m very religious so we can’t date.

7. I have cramps so we cannot hangout, sorry.

Image: Giphy

8. I am still in love with my ex boyfriend.

Image: Giphy

9. Sorry I don’t like your height.

Image: ReactionGifs

10. Oh gosh I cannot date smokers.

Image: Giphy

11. I don’t want us to ruin our friendship so lets stay friends.

Image: Giphy

12. I don’t like pressure so let everything be at my own pace.

13. You’re just not a good kisser, too sloppy for me.

14. You don’t have money so what are we dating for?

15. You talk to too many girls and I don’t want to be part of a list.

Image: Giphy

16. We are too much alike and opposites are best for each other.


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